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History of The Seven Stars Pub

History of The Seven Stars Pub

There has been a pub on this site since 1849, and current landlords Carl and Paula Starkey are proud to keep the tradition alive today, with great food and a warm welcome

The Seven Stars (or Seven Stars Hotel as it was originally known) dates from approximately the 1840s. It has certainly been in existence since 1849 when the licensee was Joseph Dunn, who was also the local shopkeeper.

The hotel was operated for many years by the Birkenhead Brewery before passing on to Whitbread’s, and then on to Carl and Paula Starkey who run it as a free house.

As can be seen from the gallery below, externally little has changed throughout the years. Internally the pub retains all of its character and has a number of original features. It is tastefully decorated in keeping with this historic building.

Origins of the name ‘The Seven Stars’

With Thornton Hough being part of a traditionally rural area, it’s perhaps no surprise that its local pub should have a name rooted in England’s ancient agricultural tradition. You may be wondering what stars have to do with agriculture; the answer is that the “Seven Stars” from which we get our name refer to the constellation of Ursa Major, commonly known as the plough.

The Plough is the fifth most common pub name in Britain and the most popular not to involve any form of heraldry. Particularly popular in agricultural areas, the name is thought to signify that the pub was located close to where the community plough would have been kept. Artists would often use the seven stars of Ursa Major to denote the plough when illustrating pub signs, and many of these pubs found their name evolving into The Seven Stars.